These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.

(George Eliot)

This is truly this concept that Giovanni Lombardi takes to heart, and would like to share with people. Gio Gems: Color’s Emotion.

Giovanni Lombardi is a graduate of Geology, and Gemology (GIA-Gemological Institute of America). He is a member of the Italian Gemology Association, and consultant of the Court of Lucca. With this expertise, he can personally offer his clients his gemological assistance with such things as consultation, certification, and expert evaluation. Affiliated Instructor by IGI Antwerp, (international school of gemology) and LAO Florence (le Arti Orafe) famous international goldsmith and jewelery designer school.

But working with gems is not only his job, or profession, but his passion. Because of this passion, Giovanni offers many special gems of particular beauty, and they are exclusively natural. They vary from muted tones to bright colors; can be extremely clear, or with fascinating inclusions.  The common thing is receive and transmit emotion.

In Giovanni's eyes, the strength of Gio Gems is that he has made his work his passion. 
He personally selects his own gems, and often is present in the extraction location and process. He then is able to inspect and select the rough material, which he then entrusts to master cutters for faceting and shaping these stones. In this way, he can analyze the quality of every gem before offering it to his clients. At the point where it is ready to sell to the customer, Giovanni is available for any further questions or information needed. As well as being able to personally certify each piece, he can help you with any further steps in design, creation, and or the production of custom jewelry.

The personal relationship with the client, and of course their complete satisfaction, are extremely important to Giovanni. He does not only relate to you through an internet site, or a direct telephone number, but also has a office in which you can make an appointment, and also strives to find contact with his customers by participating in several trade shows that are open to the public.
GioGems is not only a website, or a voice on the other end of a phone call. There is a real person in GioGems waiting to meet and help you with all your gemological needs...GioGems is... Giovanni Lombardi.